FORCE Swiss Chronograph Watch
Mens Watches SX230
High end men's watches SX230
Blue Dial Mens Watches Wryst Force SX230 Swiss Made
Limited Edition Wryst Mens Watches

Mens Watches SX230

Luxury Wryst Force mens watches SX230 with a unique designer style. Shiny, aggressive, and with a substantial bold feel, the SX230 is also a highly collectible timepiece. The luxury blue dial with shiny casing enhances this high-end sports chronograph for a unique experience. Only a small series of 75 pieces will ever see the daylight. The black, white, and deep blue dial colors are a perfect match with either the black/blue or the white/blue bracelet. Overall this Force reference represents a sizeable statement for individualists with determination.

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Data sheet

Limited Edition of 75 pieces
Wryst Force SX230
Stainless Steel Grade 516L
Sapphire Crystal
Swiss Chronograph with Date
50mm Width
Screw-In Crown
Black and Blue
White and Blue
Wrist between 170mm and 210mm
100 Meters (10ATM)
18 Months
New product

Watch Description

Wryst Luxury Swiss Force SX230 Wristwatch


Mens Bold Timepieces with Class and Refinement

The most successful reference of the striking mens watches collection Force. No previous model has the style and charisma of the Wryst Force SX230. This new Wryst Force casing is more significant than previously offered and measures 50mm width. Softly polished housing and deep blue galvanized dial are the right combination to redefine luxury. Men's sports wristwear dedicated to racing and outdoors have never been so majestic and precious. Combined with two stylish and comfortable large silicone bracelets, the timepiece is ultra-versatile, looks innovative, and is truly refreshing. Wryst name is featuring in shiny black and vertically on the left of the watches faces. Hands and hour markers benefit from super-luminova prominent reading. The large signed 25mm square buckle is also polished. Sturdy and masculine, the timepiece is an astonishing luxury fashion accessory. Surprise and intrigue your surroundings with one of the 75 high end men's watches Force SX230.


Mens Watches Swiss Made Force


Made to Impress

Nowadays, many different chronographs come in all shapes and forms. From classic style to the most expensive high-end mechanical timepieces, most of them have a round face. Only a very few luxury watch brands have taken to risk to create original and new design shapes. This is one of the main reasons Wryst exists. The essence of the watch company is to create a unique and never seen before futuristic look, available at a more affordable price. Still manufactured in the Swiss traditions, every piece is produced, assembled and tested in Switzerland.

The main originality is the curved case physically morphing entirely around the wrist. Many different aspects are new and have not been achieved in the past. Another example is the domed sapphire crystal, which is also curved naturally around the arm. The case sides have aired details making the overall look new and ultra-sporty. These edges are also protecting the side crown and chronograph pushers efficiently. This concept has been attempted before with many different ideas but never achieved correctly in this way. You can find more information about the origins of this stainless steel case design Wryst here. Versions with mechanical movement are also available with the Racer Automatic Collection.


Wryst Mens Watches SX230 


A Truly Dedicated Chronograph

The SX230 is a precise, robust, durable, and accurate chronograph. This stunning timepiece is running a gold plated Swiss quartz movement with an accuracy of one-tenth of a second. At the top features, the second divisions to 1/10th, at the bottom are the perpetual seconds, and on the left of the face is the minute counter. The stop-watch chronograph hand is prominently rotating around the dial as soon as the chronograph is started. Around the center, three circles represent the precision of this feature as if time was an arrow right in the middle of a target.

Shiny polished hands and hour markers give a feel of luxury to the piece of art. Each hour is also providing double luminous dots for a new and modern feel. The left small counter is in white with a black track for the minutes. Each detail has been carefully placed. The overall balance of the face is obtained with the rare position of the Swiss watch brand name Wryst painted vertically on the left in black. The day-date is visible in a rectangle date window at a 3-hour position. Under the date indication is the serial number of this timepiece, and above it feature the modern triangular logo of the designer watch brand.

The raised black hour track around the dial with white printing also has the indications "Swiss Made" at the 6-hour position. This is a signature of excellence and world-class renowned watchmaking. The encaged quartz movement is gold plated with six jewels and a battery life of 54 months. The watch movement is also antimagnetic and anti-choc, as it should.


Mens watches Wryst SX230 Swiss Made


A Deep Blue Luxurious Watch Dial

This first Wryst reference with deep blue galvanized dial brings harmony to the modern world. Blue is the most universally favored color of all. It relates to trust, confidence, and honesty. On the center, three black circles are revealing the subdials for chronograph functions. The SX230 is just fascinating and a pure pleasure to wear. If you are looking to purchase one of the small quantities of Force produced, please contact us with your specific serial number requirement.

Every timepiece produced by Wryst is nowhere to be found in the usual supply chains. Instead, you can only buy one in our exclusive online boutique. We offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction or your money back. You have 14 days after your initial purchase to return your exclusive SX230 if you are not entirely happy with your all-important long-term investment. Receive an 18-month manufacturer warranty with emphatic, dedicated, and friendly after-sale customer service for your peace of mind.


Force SX230 Luxe Mens Watches


Inspired by the Sheer Forces Around Us

The SX230 also has a story to tell. The story of its existence. Designer Jacques Fournier, owner, and founder of the watch company Wryst, originally wanted a creation paying tribute to the extreme forces of nature that animate our everyday life. The Force unique watches collection had to look brutal, fierce, masculine, and fearless. The bold timepiece has a sturdy size 50 mm measured from left to right. Incredibly, it feels much smaller than a large circular round timepiece. Vertically, it has a sportive flatten feel. This adds to the sportiness of the overall look of these men's Swiss wristwatches. If, like us, you are grateful to what the nature around us has to offer, this piece has it all at first glance. For example the power of storms, the sheer force of an earthquake, the battling rain, or the all-important force of gravity. All these natural elements are seamlessly represented in one unique Swiss designer timepiece.

Finally, the stainless steel grade 516L is the strongest ever used in the industry. The case construction required precise and challenging CNC machining. Wryst has gone to great lengths to make a perfect atypical modern wristwatch. Remember, the price is much more affordable than other contemporary Swiss luxury timepieces, and only 75 units of each Force model will ever be available. Altogether, 26 references produced by Wryst in the past and since 2012 are discontinued. These luxurious cool watches for men are also available with a black leather strap.



 Wryst Force Collection




Fantastic watch

This is my third Wryst. A little bigger that the previous, which gives it a different look and feel. I wear them all, but this one is really quite remarkable - a more dazzling look for sure, and with the white strap, the perfect summer watch. This is a very well constructed watch and the finish quality of these pieces has only improved over the years. Nicely designed, well crafted, and totally unique. No one will mistake the distinctive Wryst case for anything else, and it gets a lot of positive comments. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to see what this company comes up with next - this one will be hard to top.


Very luxurious

I bought the watch one week after discovering it. Could not stop thinking about it everyday so I took the jump, with free UPS upgrade. Received in Australia in 4 days - absolute beauty... Shines lovely on the sun and the blue dial is so nice! The design is very different, but the same superb one everytime I need to look at it. Mega comfortable I highly recommend the watch.



Absolutely beautiful! The shiny blue dial can not be shown in any picture... The sunray effect is superb in daylight. A real joy to look at everytime. Thanks

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Insane Design, strongly built

This watch is incredible. I do prefer the white bracelet for a fresh modern cool look. A very cool quality Swiss chrono. Thank you!

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