The Force series with black and brown handmade leather bracelets

The Force series with black and brown handmade leather bracelets

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The striking four new watches with leather bracelets


Your style and refinement deserve a brand new look

The Wryst Force series from the limited edition manufacturer Wryst now dressed with leather. When Jacques Fournier launched the Wryst brand, he instantly brought in a vital breakthrough in the watch-making history by redefining a luxury sports watch's historical concept. The luxury brand's debut collection was Wryst Airborne. This limited edition Swiss-made quartz chronograph introduced a significant number of critical innovations in the luxury watch industry.

Recently, Wryst added a bolder and impressive new leather chronograph watch collection named FORCE to its product range. Slightly more substantial than the innovative brand’s previous models, these new timepieces derive inspiration from the influential and formidable natural forces. These quartz-powered chronograph timepieces are built by CNC machining in a block of grade 516L stainless steel, a high-grade alloy introduced in the watchmaking for the first time.


Watch Wryst Force SX210

Wryst Force Leather

Swiss Mens Leather Strap Watches

Reinforced with the scratch-resistant black DLC coating, the Force SX210 best mens leather watches model features a matching black dial. The brand name, hour markers, sub-dial rings, central hour, and minute hands are finished in shiny gun PVD color in pleasant contrast with this chronograph watch's stealthy nature.

The date indication, chronograph central seconds hand, and the dainty hands of all sub-dials are white. You will equally recognize lively touches of camel color on small indexes, model name, and the brand logo.

In the new Force SX210 variant, the black leather strap with grey details carefully includes a sober touch to the black DLC case. The crown and chronograph-pushers are coated in polished gun PVD.

Devoid of vibrant colors, this all-rounder sports model genuinely enjoys a stealthy character that typically prevents unnecessary attention. The visibility of time display is obtained by careful selection of a color combination of the dial. The hour and minute hands are painted in grey in the center for a more dark and mysterious look.

The color theme of this leather chronograph watch is suitable for specific activities such as exploring deep caves and mighty forests and tactical missions where a neutral color outfit is wisely preferred. On the other side, the newly introduced Force SX210 model with the matching leather strap can also be worn with formal suits.

The additional black and grey double-injection silicone bracelet undoubtedly allows further style possibilities. The retail price of this watch model is $979.00, including taxes.

Blue Face Watch Wryst SX230

Leather Watch Swiss Chronograph SX230

Wryst Force SX230 leather Chronograph Watch

The Wryst Force SX230 blue face watch with black and blue leather bracelet model typically features a bold and aggressive design. The new leather bracelet version of this leather bracelet watch is adorned with a black-colored leather bracelet with blue highlights.

Its massive 516L stainless steel case in polished finish houses a mesmerizing blue dial surrounded by a black minute track with white markings. Carefully finished in a sun-ray pattern, the light blue dial features white Superluminova embossed hour markers.

The chronograph 10 hours counter and small seconds sub-dial boast similar color themes: Light blue inner circle and deep-blue outer ring with white markers. The 30-minute chronograph counter features a light blue inner circle and a white outer ring with black markers. The hour and minute hands are in grey and embedded with white Superluminova. The central chronograph seconds hand and all the three sub-dial hands are in grey.

This dynamic model's distinctive color theme is ideally suited for and water sports activities like boating, parasailing, river rafting, kayaking, surfing, sailing, and swimming. Also stylish and glamorous, the Force SX230 with a leather strap will undoubtedly be a perfect lifestyle accessory to be worn comfortably during live events like beachside parties.

This leather chronograph watch model is supplied with an additional black and blue double injection silicone bracelet for exploring alternative styles and aesthetic possibilities. The retail price of this watch model is $953.00, including taxes.

Mens Brown Leather Watch SX270

Mens brown leather watch

Wryst Force SX270 leather Chronograph Watch

The beautifully designed Wryst Force SX270 with Brown Alligator Bracelet model has a black DLC coated 516L stainless steel case with a luxurious rose gold-colored dial. The new edition of this model is alternatively fitted with a handmade alligator leather strap with brown color.

In striking contrast to the black DLC the case's brushed finish, the dial features a rose gold background with gentle touches of brilliant red, black, gleaming white, and chocolate colors. The Centre stop-seconds hand and sub-dial hands are in red. Black in color, both the hour and minute hands are embedded with white Superluminova.

The glittering crown and chronograph pushers feature a polished rose gold finish, precisely matching the dial color. Carefully including a masterly touch to this luxurious color theme, the brown alligator strap generously provides comfortable wearing around your wrist, despite its sturdy construction.

This brown leather alligator chronograph watch's color theme is well-suited for bustling activities such as rock climbing, desert safaris in the Middle East, a wildlife exploration in the Sahara, and expeditions to iconic places like the Grand Canyon. Apart from outdoor and sports activities, this distinct version with a brown alligator strap can also be worn on formal meetings, art events, and in your memorable trips to heritage cities and archeological sites across the world.

This specific model naturally comes with an additional brown and white double injection silicone strap to enable the wearer to transform the distinctive appearance of this watch model instantly. The retail price of this watch model is $1,044.00, including taxes.

Mens Blue Watches SX300

Mens watches leather band

Wryst Force SX300 blue leather Chronograph Watch

The beautiful blue leather chronograph Wryst Force men's blue watch SX300 with black cowhide leather band and a grey dial is presently available with a black leather bracelet with blue details.

Luxury sports watches in blue cases are rare in the luxury market. Featuring a brushed finish prominently, the eye-catching color of the upper-case structure and the buckle results from ionized blue-plating on the 516L stainless steel. The blue color's principal role is equally visible on the visible edges and stitching on the black leather strap. To counterbalance the blue color's leading role, the crown, chronograph-pushers, strap attachment devices, and screwed case-back feature a shiny polished stainless steel finish.

An eye-pleasing dial powerfully contrasts the blue IP case's vibrancy with touches of grey, black, and white colors. Both the shiny hour and minute hands are embossed with white luminova. The hour marker indices are also embedded with white luminova, and the black minute track around the dial features white details. The second hand and the three sub-dial hands are also in a plain shiny finish. All three sub-dials are carefully finished with a clever combination of grey and white colors.

Apart from the leading role as an all-rounder sports timepiece, this atypical leather chronograph watch boasting midnight-blue color and matching leather strap is also well-suited for your nightlife can also be a great match with your casual outfit or club-wear.

The new Force SX300 watch variant is typically delivered with an additional black and white double injection silicone bracelet to switch between two distinctive styles. The retail price of this watch model is $965.00, including taxes.


Every one of the Wryst Force watches is robust and stylish. The unique aesthetical and 100 meters certifications make them suitable for performing various activities. Feel noticeable during your day-to-day life, extreme sports, outdoors, and relaxed nights out.

The WRYST Force leather Chronograph watches typically feature a three-counter dial design. The dial display central hour and minute hands, center stops second hand, chronograph 10-hour counter at 12’o clock, small seconds dial at 6’o clock, chronograph 30-minutes counter at 9’o clock and a date window at 3’o clock. The watch face also features inscriptions like the brand name, official logo, and model number.

The Force SX230, SX270, and SX300 models also feature a similar dial layout prominently but with various color themes. The Force SX210 has a slightly different dial design without luminova compared to the above three specific models. The dial color theme and typical layout employed by Wryst provide each timepiece a distinctive character of its own without obstructing the excellent visibility of the indications. The white luminova on indexes, hour, and minute hands ensures legibility in poor light conditions.


Wryst Selection of Watches With Leather Bracelet



Our leather watch selection in small series. Most of us would prefer men's watches leather band options, but why? The answer is complicated, and we all have different tastes. But in recent years, men's leather strap watches have made a big comeback. Let's try and understand this new tendency.

First, your skin may not be compatible with silicone or rubber material, or you find these to be less classy and stylish than genuine quality handmade men's leather strap. If you are allergic to rubber and plastic, you are left with two other options: A genuine leather band or stainless steel bracelet.



Wryst offers state-of-the-art genuine leather watch bands. The most important for you is the durability and comfort of your leather strap. You will need strength, good stitching quality, and resistant leather inside and out.

Our different black cowhide choices or men's brown leather timepieces are all built with three different layers and finish. The top layer is a thicker material and will resist any unintentional wear and tear scratch, but most importantly, it will not wear-our where the buckle is attached. Let's not forget this is the area where the band needs to be the strongest. We have chosen genuine reinforced suede-finish leather for the inside layer, always in black for all our 22mm and 25mm wide leather watch bands.

The third layer is offered in different colors for the bands' sides, which has hardly ever been attempted by our leading competitors of high-end timepieces. All three different thicknesses are then hands-stitched not once but twice for better toughness. The square holes are also designed to let the buckle tongue fit seamlessly for the attachment around your arm.

Mens Watches Leather Band


The materials we use are soft, flexible, and more comfortable leather. In our experience, there is hardly any worst experience than a rigid and hard-to-bend watch brand. Our men's leather options will feel soft and fit nicely around your wrist from day one. Other essential aspects are how the end piece is integrated onto the case and already curved and ready to the domed top of your arm. The buckle has to have the right shape, and all our leather timepieces for men benefit from a well-engineered buckle design, which allows the band to be doubled in thickness without you even noticing it.

Note that we also offer leather bans for all references within the Wryst Elements collection. We can exchange the silicone band shown with either an all-black leather strap or a black and white one.

You can find a replacement, luxurious genuine leather bracelet for your dress watches in our online bracelet selection. Should you have any particular requests, please do not hesitate to contact our enthusiastic customer service.


Mens Leather Strap Watches



For the case size 50mm Wryst Force chronohraph and Wryst Racer automatic:


- Black carbon fiber with red sides and stitching
- Black Alligator leather bracelet with grey sides and grey stitches
- Black Cowhide leather bracelet with grey sides and grey stitches
- Men's brown leather bracelet in Alligator with grey sides and grey stitches
- Black Cowhide leather bracelet with blue leather sides and blue stitches
(All the above are 25mm wide)


For the case size 45mm Wryst sports watches Element:


- All-black cowhide leather option size 22 mm
- Black cowhide leather with white leather sides size 22 mm


For the Wryst Ultimate references:


Contact us to request our stock availability.


Many references "Force" with silicone bracelets are available:

Wryst Force SX210

Wryst Force SX210 Black

Wryst Force SX230

Wryst Force SX270

Wryst Force SX270 Transparent

Wryst Force SX300 White


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By Nathan 04/21/2023 03:56:40

Good creation and truly stunning shape - Bravo!

By Natasha 01/30/2023 23:14:36

Great serieswith leather bracelets. I am looking to buy one for my husband please can you tell me how long the leather bands usually last if you wear the watch everyday and can you possibly send two of them instead of just one leather and one silicon? Thanks. Mat

By Syro 01/05/2023 02:07:46

Brilliant creations I admire your style. But how come you produce so little watches? If there are no more than 75 units you should at least offer more references to pick. My humble opinion. They look stunning!

By Hert 12/04/2022 04:14:12

Really a good post about the SX270 I love all the watches you make - But please can you make them cheaper so I can afford one?...

By Hubert 11/01/2022 03:21:49

Hi, are these actually genuine leather bands please?

By Michael 04/22/2022 13:17:04

Georgous and stylish watches. The band seems a bit large but goes well with the body shape. Nicely done

By Tim 02/21/2020 14:38:58

Definitely going to buy another when I've saved up! My girlfriend offered me the Force SX300 for my Birthday, I am a mad collector but never heard of Wryst before! I love my watch the dial and case is exquisite and loving the feel of it, its definitely a Mans watch. Been looking on the website there is so much choice! I can not wait for my next purchase...

By Gilbert 11/14/2019 07:50:28

Great new bracelets! I did like the silicone bracelets but those add a new dimension to the design. Are you going to produce deploying buckles for them in the future?

By Stan 11/12/2019 11:09:26

These are totally unique! I have never ever seen anything quite like these before. Wish I could afford one

By Des 11/10/2019 18:15:27

Placed an order for the SX230... If only 75 are ever made I would not want to be missing out!!! Really stunning watches

By Nikolas 10/28/2019 16:39:42

Having previously bought the Wryst SX300 with blue case I purchased seperately two bracelets. The black-blue leather one, and the white-blue silicone one. Both bracelets look stunning on my watch - I prefer the white-blue for outdoors, and when I go shopping daytime in New York city or if we go out for diner then I fit the black leather bracelet. The look and feel of these timepieces is unique and to be honest it looks cool everytime - A timeless design for years to come. Thanks Wryst and please do not change a thing!